We are glad you’re here! Apostles Lutheran Church is a family in Christ called to share His gift of community with all people by equipping them through worship, fellowship, and deeds of love. As the Body of Christ, we're here to meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.



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Do you have questions and don't know where to turn?  Or do you want to help out but just don't know where to start?  Maybe this can help.  Here is a list of the major ministries at Apostles Lutheran Church and the name of the people who lead the various ministries.  For more information, and get in touch with the ministry leaders, please contact the Church office - office@apostles-lutheran.org


Acolytes -  Doug Block

Altar Guild  - Lynn Schaubert

Baby Baskets - Heather Pinkerton

Children's Ministry - Arden Peterson 

Financial Secretary - Tony Roberts & Marci Burkhardt

Lawn Care  - Doug Block

Lay Readers - Robin Delloro 

Men’s Ministry  - Doug Block

Nursery - Cathy Nirdlinger

Prayer Shawls - Georgia Barton

Property - Doug Block

Quilters  - Susan Weaver

Sound & Media Ministry - Walt Eley & Arnie Barkow

Stewardship  - Laura Huguenel  

Sunday School Superintendent - Jane Ackerman & Arden Peterson

Union Mission Meals  - Bonnie Block

Ushers  - Paul Schaubert

Women’s Bible Study (Thursday) - Beth Morrow & Sandra Schrade

Women’s Ministry  - Bonnie Block 

Women’s Bible Study (Tuesday) - Linda Culpepper and Lynn Schaubert  

Youth Group  - Laura Huguenel and Luke Peterson

Council Ministry Assignments - For Your Information

Below is a description of the different council assignments and what each entails.  For more information or if you have specific questions, please click on the Title and Name and you will be directed to an email address.

DISCIPLESHIP - Dale Hirschman: Oversees the Christian Education ministry, emphasizing and promoting the importance of life-long Christian education in maturing the faith walk of those in this congregation and those whose lives they touch.  

EVANGELISM - Tim Rockwell: Will joyfully share the good news of the sovereign love of God calling people to repentance, to personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and to active membership in the church and to obedient service in the world.

FINANCE - Marci Burkhardt: Will provide oversight for expenses, supplies, and budget needs to support the administrative functions of the church.

INREACH - Bonnie Block:  Will maintain the profound importance of fellowship which brings the people of the congregation into a feeling of family through planning social gathering experiences for the members of this congregation.

OUTREACH - Bonnie Block:  Will keep before the eyes and hearts of this Apostles family, the fundamental mission given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ to share the Gospel with all people by word and deed.  She will explore regular and systematic opportunities in which our Apostles family can be actively involved in sharing the Good News with the unchurched of our community.

PRAYER - Bonnie Block: With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Paul & his team will keep before the eyes of the Apostles family the profound importance of prayer in the life of this congregation and its community.  He will explore and implement regular corporate and private prayer opportunities such as prayer vigils, intercessory prayer teams, and a formal church prayer line.

PROPERTY - Doug Block:  Will maintain and keep in good repair all facilities and equipment of this congregation, maintain a complete and up-to-date inventory of the property of this congregation.

SOCIAL MINISTRY - Bonnie Block:  Will keep the importance of social ministry as a part of the Christian calling before this Apostles family by seeking ways in which we can cooperate with other people of faith in meeting the needs of this community.

STEWARDSHIP - Laura Huguenel:  Will keep the importance of a faithful life of stewardship before the eyes and hearts of this congregation by continually educating the membership on the meaning of stewardship and conducting efforts to promote stewardship and enlist a commitment of talents, time, work, intellect, service, and money.

WORSHIP - Robin Delloro:  Oversees activities in the conduct of worship of this congregation; including music activities, altar guild, usher duties, acolytes, lay readers, and greeters.

YOUTH - Laura Huguenel & Luke Peterson: In consultation with the pastoral staff, Gina will develop, implement, and monitor programs that assist the development of the spiritual and social needs of the youth of our Apostles Family.