Job Description: "Helping Hands" After School Volunteer

Reports to:  Director - The Urban Outreach Center 

The Volunteer helps with tutoring in all subject course work as defined by the Director and perform mentoring through small groups.  They work to develop the student’s academic ability and character. The Tutor will work in the after school program, and the summer camp program at Hunters Point Apartments and Forest Cove Apartments in the South Norfolk section of Chesapeake, VA.  Both programs exist to meet the needs of children in the community and reduce the attractiveness of gang participation. This program is part of the effort of the Urban Outreach Center to fulfill the vision of “changing the fabric of our community one child at a time”.

Roles and Responsibilities but are not limited to, the following: 

1.  Work with The Urban Outreach Center Director to ensure goals are met.

2.  Recruit and help train community volunteers as mentors and tutors

3.  Follow all rules and regulations as detailed in the Program Handbook

4.  Exhibit a positive example and be role model while mentoring, training, and leading students

5.  Work to create harmony in the program and in the community.

6.  Perform other tasks and duties as assigned.

7.  Build meaningful, professional relationships with students and peers 

8.  Maintain professional and stable attitude at all times.

Program Goals:

Goal1: SOL aligned instruction, remediation and tutoring for students as recommended by the local school.

Goal 2: Improve participant’s scores in reading, math and science SOL test.

Goal 3: Reduce participant’s incidence of behaviors that lead to suspension and/or referrals to the school office for fighting or disrespect.

Goal 4: Model and transfer character, integrity, accountability and leadership skills to participants during the summer program. 

Operating Hours: The program operates each day, Monday through Friday from 2:30 P.M. to 6:P.M. during the school year and from 9:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. during the summer months.

Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent; high character and integrity along with being a team worker; must pass criminal record screening.



If there is a need in your area to present English as a second language, this could be the program that would change lives—the lives of your congregation and the lives of Hispanic persons—lives of persons who participate in this program.

Bible-Based English as a Second Language
• Of the 114 lessons in the series, 107 witness Jesus Christ
• Presented by established church congregations who desire to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ

• One-to-one tutoring• Establish personal relationships
• Tutor and student grow in their faith
• Computers make learning fun and exciting
• Student sees the picture, hears the sound, and responds by choosing the right answer
• Teaches listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computer skills to non-English speaking persons

Learning Center Components
• Multimedia learning stations
• Software to take a person from reading readiness through a fifth grade reading equivalency in English
• Tutors with the ability to speak and read English fluently
• Director to coordinate the program

• Set up the Learning Center
• Training for directors and tutors
• Sample record-keeping forms
• Consulting to keep the centers productive and growing
• Technical Assistance
• Manuals
• Assistance in developing Discipleship training

• High standards for program quality
• Designed for simplicity in training and use
• Solid foundation of the Bible
• Student learns English and is brought face-to-face with Jesus Christ

Registration-Cost varies according to your need
• Training for up to three persons
• Software
• Manuals

If your congregation wants more information, call Jim Harrison at 757-624-1764 ore-mail:

Other Costs
• Transportation to Norfolk, VA
• Meals and incidental expenses during travel
• Lodging
• Meals during training
• Other training dates can be arranged.
• Project Light trainers can arrange to come to your location for training if 3 or more churches or Christian Organizations agree to participate

Physical address in Norfolk: Project Light Int.501 W. 35th Street 1117 Edgewood Dr.Norfolk, VA 23508 Anniston, AL 36207Telephone: (757) 624-1764 Telephone: 256-835-9799E-mail: E-mail: info@projectlight.orgWeb: